Wood Flooring in Gilbert

Are you a Gilbert home or business owner looking to boost your property’s value? Wood is a practical, affordable flooring material that adds a classy touch to any property. With minimal maintenance, wood floors can stay looking beautiful well into the future.

For wood floor installation and maintenance services that are unparalleled, you can count on Tyco Construction.

Benefits of Wood Flooring

Carpeted floors certainly have their upsides, but you just can’t beat the elegance and visual appeal of hardwood flooring. There are so many benefits that come with wood flooring.

Wood Flooring is Low Maintenance

Unlike carpet, wood floors are easy to maintain and require little effort to keep clean. With a bit of assistance, wood floors will look good for years to come.

Wood Offers a Timeless Appeal

Trends may change, but high quality wood floors never go out of style. At Tyco Construction, our goal is to provide high quality wood floor products to a diverse clientele. With every floor we install, we remain as committed as ever to superior craftsmanship.

Wooden Floors Are More Hygienic

Wood doesn’t trap dirt and dust in the same way carpeting does, making it a more hygienic flooring material. With wood floors, weekends can be spent doing something other than vacuuming.

Wood Floors are Affordable

For a long time, wood floors were seen as unaffordable for many. Nowadays, thanks to the diverse range of materials available, home and business owners with budgets of all sizes can enjoy the timeless look of beautiful wood floors. With such a wide range of wood types available, there’s something out there for every budget.

Not sure which type of hardwood is best suited to your needs and budget? We can help! Depending on your price range and proposed location for your new floors, we can recommend a particular type of flooring.

Hardwood Floors are Durable

Your floor deals with constant use, day in and day out. In fact, it’s hard to think of a part of a building that sees more regular use than the floor. Because of this, you need to know your floors are sturdy enough to continue performing year after year. At Tyco Construction, we only stock products we know can stand the test of time. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we won’t sell it—it’s that simple.

For example, for areas that tend to see more moisture we may suggest engineered hardwood. As a less moisture-vulnerable material, engineered hardwood is better suited than solid hardwood for places like the bathroom or laundry room.

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