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Shade Structures in Mesa

If there is one thing Arizona is famous for, it’s our extreme heat. Anyone from the Mesa area can attest to the fact that going out in the afternoon sun uncovered is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the necessary accessories to keep ourselves protected like hats, sunscreen, etc. If you own a commercial property in the Mesa area, one simple way you can get on the good side of customers while also protecting important assets from the sun’s harmful UV rays is to invest in shade structures.

At Tyco Construction, we have helped Mesa residences, commercial spaces and industrial properties beat the heat with custom shade sails, canopies and structures. We have been outfitting all kinds of Mesa properties with the shade structures they need to protect their residents, customers and assets from the oppressive sun. When you need an inexpensive way to minimize the effects of the sun, just call (480) 292-0779 to talk to us about how our shade structures can help.

We manufacture and install shades structures entirely ourselves to assure quality and effectiveness. Don’t settle for any structure other than the one that’s made specifically for your needs by the experts at Tyco Construction.

Custom Shade Structures

It may seem obvious but no two Mesa properties are exactly the same. They have different layouts, dimensions and receive sunlight in different ways as a result. With this in mind, Tyco Construction understands that there is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution to providing shade and relief from the sun’s heat.

When you get in touch with us about equipping your home or place of business with a shade structure, we will come conduct a survey so that we can make sure the sail or canopy of your choice not only provides adequate shade from early morning until the sun has set.

While it’s our responsibility to make sure your shade structure has a custom design to suit your property’s position in relation to the sun, we are also committed to executing custom designs that boost your property’s curb appeal. Whether that’s using a particular color or shade of fabric or giving the sail a certain shape, we want you to be proud of your new shade structure which is why we take your input into careful consideration.

Shade sails, canopies and structures can provide excellent playground shade, car dealership shade, poolside shade and outdoor shade in general. The added comfort and esthetic beauty can do wonders for your property so let us know what you are looking for so that we can get started today.

Why Choose Tyco Construction

For all your shade structure and construction needs in the Mesa area, look no further than Tyco Construction. Our past customers can attest to the fact that we offer unparalleled products at competitive prices that come complete with excellent service, support, communication and integrity. It’s how we are able to retain so many customers for future projects. To work with the best construction company and get your custom shade structure built quickly without sacrificing quality, call (480) 292-0779 today.